October 20, 2017

So, where have I been lately?

In the past months my life has changed drastically: we bought a house 9 months ago and professionally , I started heading a new department with a new team and have been assigned to some exciting projects. During this transition I’ve had to adjust my free time writing schedules, looking for home stuff, and basically focusing on finding ways to have a work-life balance . I found myself lacking mental clarity or energy to actually get words out. However, I really miss being here and I will be definitely trying to be more active and write more.

Highlights of this year so far:

• New Home
The costs of home ownership are many, but I’m not afraid of them , having my own house was always my ultimate dream since I was a little girl . To have my own space that I crafted into a home is defiantly the best feeling ever. I will be sharing with you soon my experience in that subject and some interior design ideas.

• Work
On march 2017 , I have been promoted to a senior position managing a big team and challenging projects. I’m so grateful for the opportunity .however, I was occupied and stressed all the time and barely had time to myself. I’m trying lately to improve my ability to manage my time well enough to enjoy the little things in life that really matters.

• Travel
I adore traveling and exploring new cities and different cultures. Travel has the power to let you not only escape your busy life but also heal both mentally and physically. It is so helpful for workaholics like me who have trouble leaving their responsibilities behind to step away and learn more about themselves through new adventures. It helps open your mind and realize that there’s no one way to live life. As I get older , I became more curious to explore cities that I’ve never been to before. So I have decided to visit 3 new cities in 2017 as a part of my plan to satisfy my adventurous side. other than my usual destination which is London, luckily, I have managed to visit 2 new cities so far.Briefly , I went to Istanbul in June and Amsterdam in September and I absolutely loved both experiences and will be blogging about it in a separate post very soon.

That’s about it, i’m so glad to be blogging again and hope to continue doing so.

Peace 😀