January 18, 2016

A goal without a plan is just a wish ..



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Hello everyone,

Hope your doing well .

I will just admit it  ,  I have  always admired  those who plan their life step by step and every year they  have their own to-do lists  for things that they want to achieve but unfortunately  I have never been one of them ,  but  this year I decided to change !

I noticed that when I write things down at work I became more focused and it was much easier for me to meet deadlines , achieve my goals efficiently, and surprisingly be more relaxed  about it  and that’s why I have decided to start applying this in my personal life as well.

I thought maybe having a nice planner / agenda would be a good start to get me in the mood of writing things down and enjoy being organized , so I started my online search for my new 2016 planner.

I came across a lot of nice planners in different online- shopping websites but what really gapped my attention  was the “ Happy Planner “ from “ Me and my big ideas ” brand.

I liked everything about it , the design has made me so excited to start using it. it’s basically , my first 2016 resolution to start planning and write down my ideas,  projects ,  and to do lists starting from now on.

I got my planner for amazon for 93.75 SAR and it arrived within 3 business days through aramex , the total cost with the shipment  was 235 SAR   .

I will attach below the link for the planner for your reference.

Have a lovely day …


The Happy Planner  – Amazon




  1. I wish I can be more organized as well but its so hard 🙁